Ajit Doval: 10 Facts You Must Know About The ‘James Bond Of India’

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1. Born in Pauri Garhwal

2. Awarded an honorary doctorate in science

3. 'Indian James Bond'

he worked in Thalassery for five months and he later joined the central service, which marked the beginning of his career as the 'Indian James Bond'. 

4. Crucial role in Kandahar hijack

Ajit Doval played a crucial role as one of the three negotiators in the release of passengers from the hijacked Indian plane IC-814 in Kandhar in 1999

5. Undercover operative in Pakistan

5. Undercover operative in Pakistan

Ajit Doval lived in Pakistan's Lahore, disguised as a Muslim for seven years.

6. Operation Blue Star

Operation Blue Star’  another instance where Doval showcased his excellence

7. Fifth National Security Advisor 

After his retirement, Doval was appointed as India's fifth National Security Advisor on May 30, 2014. In July 2014

8. Brain behind Pakistan airstrike

As per reports, the 2016 Indian Strikes in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir were his brainchild.

9. Youngest police officer

Ajit Doval was the youngest police officer to receive a Police Medal for his meritorious service.  He received an award after completing 6 years of his service in the police.

10. First police officer to receive Kirti Chakra

In 1998, he was conferred with the highest gallantry award-- Kirti Chakra. He was the first police officer to receive this award, which was earlier given as a military honour. 

we are Proud of you Dear Sir