Top 7 Reasons ,  To Avoid  Facebook why ?

1. Giving control of your happiness to others, without your permisssion

Now your happiness starts to depend on that how many people are liking your pics on Fb, how many people are commenting on it…how are they commenting

2. you start comparing others happiness with your bothering

On Fb people generally share only the good things of their life…you start comparing their happiness with your sorrows and ultimately start feeling low.

3. Real friends and relationships suffer

In reality, on Fb,  our friends are  less and acquaintances  are more. And  if  we  give  unnecessary 

time  to these  more or less  fake relations then somewhere we  are compromising  relations with  our family  and friends.

4. You think, you are socially active and the reality is the opposite

Being on Facebook, many people consider themselves to be socially active, and by hi-bye to friends  you feel that you are in the most touch, but on the contrary, you keep on losing your touch.

5. There is a bad effect on your health:

Staying on Fb can cause you both physical and mental problems. Your eyes can become weak, depression  & other health issues  due to sitting in the wrong posture

6. You start communicating mainly with addicts:

Interacting with  such people ,  who always just   stick to Fb can  rarely tell you  things of use.  This is mostly just waste of time.

7) You spend the most energetic days of your life in lazy entertainment

Mostly Teenage  and twenties  spend their full of energy years ,  sticking all the  time on mobile  and laptop