7 Places To Visit In India

7 Places To Visit In India

Not speaking of Taj as a top place to visit in India

1. Taj Mahal and Around

A truly unique and inimitable experience, cruising on the backwaters in Kerala on well-equipped houseboats

2. Backwaters of Kerala

Spectacular sights of cold desert topography, meandering silver tarmac looping around high altitude mountains, monasteries perched on hilltops and a unique local culture

3. Ladakh’s Cold Desert

Presumably the oldest living city on earth, Varanasi has a definitive religious tenor.

4. Ancient Enclaves of Varanasi

With a profusion of blogs and brochures about Rajasthan, it is easy to build an image about its colourful festivals, grand heritage hotels and sandy mounds for camel safaris.

5. Rajasthan’s Cultural Charm

From Meghalaya, Arunachal to Nagaland, the seven states of the northeast have a vibrant tribal culture

6. Tribal Culture In the North East

7. Wild Belly of India

Madhya Pradesh holds in it, the greatest wildlife treasures of India – a robust population of Royal Bengal Tigers.

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