Top 21 places to visit in Mussoorie

By | January 16, 2022

Top 21 places to visit in Mussoorie | Mussoorie tourist places| Best famous places Mussoorie | Mussorie Tour Plan | Mussoorie Budget | Mussorie Travel Guide

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Best places to visit in Mussoorie | Mussoorie tourist places| Best famous places Mussoorie | Mussorie Tour Plan | Mussoorie Budget | Mussorie Travel Guide

Top 21 places to visit in Mussoorie

Top 21 places to visit in Mussoorie


Mussorie is Located on a 15-km-long horseshoe ridge with the grand Himalayas as a backdrop, offers scenic views of Himalayas peaks in Western Garhwal. It is a  captivating paradise for tourists ,leisure  travellers and honeymooners, it is a first choice summer resort. Mussoorie spreads across at a height of 2,050 m above sea level. From this vantage point.Mussoorie, The Queen of  Hills, is one of  the most popular hill stations of the india. A Britisher, named Captain Frederick Young, climbed up the hill from the Doon valley in 1827 with an official named FJ Shore, after reaching they  found this place offering great views and a salubrious climate. This visit laid the foundation for this Super hill station.

Many famous personalities have their home in  Mussoorie – most notable being authors Ruskin Bond and Bill Aitken. Filmstar Victor Banerjee resides in Mussoorie while deceased filmstar Tom Alter was born and brought up here. In the 1960s filmstar Prem Nath had his house here while the son of Dev Anand studied in Woodstock school. Many senior politicians, Bollywood actors and cricketers like  Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are frequent visitors to this place.

Even if you have visited the place many times already, there’s a chance you will find a new scenic trail or a secluded viewpoint on your next trip. So why not holiday in the ‘Queen of the Hills’ once again?

Looking for a guide to chalk out your itinerary? Take cues from this blog on places to visit in Mussoorie:

Top 21 places to visit in Mussoorie

Kempty FallsRam Gaon14.3 K.M from Mussorie
Lal TibbaBazar Road, Landour18  K.M from Mussorie
Gun Hill PointMall Road, Landour14.3 K.M from Mussorie
Company GardenBazar Road3  K.M from Mussorie
Cloud’s EndHathipaon area6 K.M from Mussorie
Jharipani FallsDehradun-Mussoorie Road7 K.M from Mussorie
Mussoorie LakeDhobi Ghat7.1  K.M from Mussorie
Sir George Everest’s HouseKhanij Nagar5.4 K.M from Mussorie

Q: What are the places to visit in Mussoorie?

A:  I have given details of top 21 tourist attraction in mussorie

1. Kempty Falls, Mussoorie




No excursion to Mussoorie is finished without visiting the much-popular Kempty Falls. The site was created by a British official during the 1830s for facilitating tea gatherings and from that point forward, it has turned into a well known fascination in Mussoorie, particularly for picnics.

Plunging from a tallness of just about 1,364 meters, these falls offer stupendous perspectives on the valley around it. Wash in the waters of the pool shaped at the lower part of the fall, click a few pictures, or sit by the side of the falling fall and appreciate garma-garam Maggi with kadak chai.Location: Ram Gaon, Tehri Garhwal District

  • Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free (Extra charges for using the ropeway, starting at INR 120)

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2. Lal Tibba, Mussoorie



Roosted on the Depot Hill in Landour, Lal Tibba is probably the most noteworthy perspective in Mussoorie. Only 6 km from the downtown area, this vantage point rests at an elevation of 2,275 meters so you can hardly comprehend the perspectives from up here. The name of the perspective in a real sense means Red Hill, which is an immediate reference to the shade of the sky apparent from here during the dawn and nightfall.

On a cloudless day, you will actually want to see tops like Bandarpunch, Kedarnath and Badrinath from this perspective. The telescopes introduced at Lal Tibba let you absorb the excellence, all things considered, from very close.

  • Location: Bazar Road, Landour, Mussoorie
  • Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM
  • Entry Fee: INR 50

3. Gun Hill Point, Mussoorie



The second most noteworthy top in Mussoorie, Gun Hill Point is one of the most famous perspectives nearby. Situated a ways off of 1.7 km from the Mall Road, this perspective can be reached by a 20-minute uphill trip. Aside from a 360-degree perspective on the town and different pieces of the Doon Valley, you can likewise take in the perspectives on Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Gangotri and Pithwara Himalayan reaches from here.


  • Location: Mall Road, Landour, Mussoorie
  • Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free

4. Company Garden, Mussoorie



A ways off of around 3 km from the Mall Road, the Company Garden in Mussoorie makes for an ideal spot to invest quality energy with your loved ones. The whole arrangement of this nursery was set somewhere near Dr. H Fackner and it is kept up with by the Garden Welfare Association of Mussoorie.

You will track down excellent wellsprings, rich vegetation, bright birds, and various assortments of blossoms while going for a stroll around the nursery. Assuming you are available, go for sailing on Artificial Lake.


  • Location: Bazar Road, Landour, Mussoorie
  • Timings: 9 AM – 8 PM
  • Entry Fee: INR 25

5. Cloud’s End, Mussoorie

mussorie Clouds End

Mussorie Clouds End

Assuming isolation is the thing you are searching for on your next excursion to Mussoorie, Cloud’s End is the place where you ought to be at. A beautiful stretch of rich deodar and oak woodlands, this spot is found 6 km from the Library Road and imprints the topographical finish of the slope town. You can arrive at Cloud’s End by traveling along the Hathipaon Road from the Happy Valley region.

Other than offering dazzling perspectives over the course of the day, this spot has the most dreamlike setting for watching the sun go all over in the purplish blue sky. Picture takers find this spot incredibly excellent, and you also may have your next Insta-commendable chance here.

  • Location: Hathipaon area, Mussoorie
  • Timings: N/A
  • Entry Fee: INR 50 

6. Jharipani Falls, Mussoorie

mussorie jhari pani

mussorie jhari pani falls

Arranged in the interesting town of Jharipani, around 7 km from the downtown area of Mussoorie, is the shocking Jharipani Falls. Its appeal lies in its confined area that isn’t damaged by touristy groups yet. You can go through hours absorbing the excellence of the falls, clicking great pictures or basically liking the perspectives on the view around the cascade including those of the Shivalik range.

You will likewise track down uncommon assortments of blossoms in sprout at the site. The course to the falls is straightforward and can be effectively covered through a vehicle. In any case, after a specific point, you should travel for around 1.5 km to arrive at the falls.

  • Location: Dehradun-Mussoorie Road
  • Timings: Open all day
  • Entry Fee: Free 

7. Mussoorie Lake, Mussoorie

Mussorie lake top tourist destination

Mussorie lake

A man-made lake yet one of the most delightful locales in the city, Mussoorie Lake has turned into a famous vacation spot as of late. Aside from sailing on the lake, you can attempt water zorbing and zip lining here. Gracious, and presently you can likewise do paragliding simply relatively close to the lake.

There are a few little gift shops, cafés and a frightfulness house close to the lake. So after you have had your portion of fun at the lake, plunk down for a delicious lunch or go for a shopping binge.

  • Location: Dhobi Ghat, Mussoorie
  • Timings: 8 AM – 7 PM
  • Entry Fee: INR 15 (Extra charge for other activities)

8. Sir George Everest’s House, Mussoorie

Sir-George-Everest’s-House MUSSORIE

MUSSORIE Sir-George-Everest’s-House

Found 6 km from Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie, Sir George Everest’s House traces all the way back to the year 1832. Also called The Park Estate, this spot once filled in as the home, research center and observatory of Sir George Everest. From estimating the most noteworthy mountains to scaling the distances between the mountains of the North, Sir Everest has done everything from this spot.

Do visit the observatory to discover a few clever data about his life and work. The perspectives from the culmination on which the legacy building sits are strikingly delightful particularly when they are canvassed in fog. Along these lines, regardless of whether the set of experiences interest you, the vistas certainly would.


  • Location: Khanij Nagar
  • Timings: N/A
  • Entry Fee: N/A

9. Camel’s Back Road, Mussoorie



Camel’s Back Road, a vacation destination in Mussoorie, is an incredible spot to visit assuming you appreciate strolling in the midst of nature and partaking in the perspectives and the wonderful environment. This 3 km stretch street is named so on the grounds that it takes after the mound of a camel and is best visited in the mornings and nights.

  • Location: The Mall Road
  • Timings: All day long
  • Entry Fee: N/A

10. Library Bazaar, Mussoorie



On the off chance that you seriously love shopping from little and comfortable stores, head over to Library Bazaar. Situated in the focal point of the slope station, the marketplace is loaded with shops selling high quality textures, silver gems, neighborhood desserts and delights, and bistros giving out newly blended espresso and tea.

  • Location: The Mall Road
  • Timings: All day long
  • Entry Fee: N/A

11. Lake Mist, Mussoorie



One of the picturesque spots to visit in Mussoorie is the Lake Mist. The lake has a drifting point from where you can recruit a boat at a reasonable expense. The spot is situated en route to Kempty Falls and is normally packed during the ends of the week.

 Location: Kempty Fall Road

  • Timings: All day long
  • Entry Fee: N/A

13. Snow Adventure Zone, Mussoorie

MUSSORIE Snow Adventure Zone

MUSSORIE Snow Adventure Zone


On the off chance that you are a daredevil, certainly pay visit to Snow Adventure Zone, experience park. The spot is situated in a tranquil spot and you can try out zip-lining, valley crossing, and adventure activities..


  • Location: Buranskhanda
  • Timings: 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Entry is free. Activities are chargeable

14. The Mall Road, Mussoorie



The Mall Road is ‘the occurrence place’ in the slope station. This middle point is loaded up with shops, diners, bistros, and places of interest. An unmissable traveler place in Mussoorie, the Mall Road is the best spot to go for a walk or sit and unwind in any of the renowned pastry kitchens or bistros.

  • Location: The Mall Road
  • Timings: All day long
  • Entry Fee: N/A

15. Bhatta Falls, Mussoorie



This peaceful cookout spot is finished with cascades and a little freshwater lake to waddle about. You can take the ropeway from the Bhatta Village to the Falls. Do convey your own food and refreshments, as there is no arrangement up there. Nonetheless, try not to litter this natural heaven.


  • Location: Bhatta Village
  • Timings: 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: N/A

16. Jwala Devi Temple, Mussoorie

Jwala Devi Temple | #16 of 21 Best Places to visit in Mussoorie

Committed to Goddess Durga, the Jwala Devi Temple is arranged on top of the Benog Hill. You need to travel for around 2 km from the Clouds End place of interest to arrive at the sanctuary. The sanctuary is little and old and the view from the slope is dumbfounding.

  • Location: Benog Hills
  • Timings: 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: N/A

17. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, Mussoorie

The Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is situated around 11 km from the Mall Road and is among the most visited places in Mussoorie with regards to normal and beautiful spots. Loaded up with cedar and pine trees, the asylum is famous for the changed types of fascinating birds you can detect here.


  • Location: Mussoorie Range, Benog
  • Timings: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: N/A

18. Christ Church, Mussoorie




Situated in the focal point of the city, this peaceful strict spot is viewed as one of the first houses of worship worked in the Himalayan Ranges. Implicit Gothic design style, the congregation is packed during the ends of the week.

  • Location: Camel’s Back Road
  • Timings: 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Entry Fee: N/A

19. Nag Tibba Peak, Mussoorie

Situated at a tallness of 10,000 feet, the Nag Tibba Peak is the most elevated top in Uttarakhand in the lesser Himalayan Regions. The Nag Tibba Trek is one of the most troublesome trips in Mussoorie and is endeavored exclusively by master adventurers.

  • Location: Garhwal Himalaya
  • Timings: All through the day
  • Entry Fee: N/A

20. Robber’s Cave, Mussoorie

robbers-cave MUSSSORIE

robbers-cave MUSSSORIE

This natural little hideout is a less-investigated well known spot in Mussoorie. This restricted rivulet is between two colossal rocks and a constant flow moves through. You can waddle about the stream and reach the waterfall toward one side.

  • Location: Gucchupani, Malsi
  • Timings: 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM
  • Entry Fee: ₹25 per adult

21. Kellogg Memorial Church, Mussoorie

Implicit 1903, this congregation is an ideal illustration of Presbyterian engineering and houses the Landour Language School. The congregation is simply 5.5 km from the principle transport remain of the slope station and is situated in a beautiful spot.


  • Location: Landour
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: N/A

While an outing to Mussoorie is about the perspectives, the hot chai and journeying to the best perspectives, remember to go for a walk along the Mall Road. The bread shops and eateries here serve probably the most delicious sandwiches and cupcakes. Additionally, you can load up on certain gifts that you will just find in the slopes, to reclaim home. So for your one weekend from now escapes from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Dehradun, or different urban areas up north, investigate the best of Uttarakhand and its magnificence at the little town of Mussoorie.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mussoorie:

Q: What is famous in Mussoorie?
Mussoorie, is famous as Queen of the Hills, is one of the most popular hill stations of the country. discovered by ,  Captain Frederick Young (A Britisher ), accompanied by another official named FJ Shore, they climbed up the hill from the Doon valley in 1827 and found this ridge offering great views and a salubrious climate.

Q: Which is the nearest airport to Mussoorie?

A: The closest air door to Mussoorie is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, situated a good ways off of around 60 km. Flights from all major cities in India ply to Dehradun airport via Delhi.

Q: Is there Railway Station in Mussoorie?
A:   NO, Dehradun Railway Station, is the nearest railway station to Mussoorie (located around 36 km away ) . Number of trains from far and near of cities including Delhi, Kolkata, Jammu and Amritsar serve Dehradun city. After reaching Dehradun by train, visitors can board local taxis or buses for Mussoorie.

Q: What are the different ways to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun?

A: You can find bus from Dehradun railway station to reach any of the two  opposite ends of Mussoorie’s Mall Road — Library and Picture Palace. Another choice may be  to hire a local taxi from Dehradun to Mussoorie;  Time taken for the road journey will take approximately one and a half hours to 2 hours depending on the situations . one new option emerged recently is that you can take a bike on rent from dehradun to travel up to Mussoorie on a day to day basis rent.

Q: How to get around Dehradun?

A: Most parts of Dehradun will have to be covered on foot; however, rickshaws are allowed in some parts of the city. For travelling to nearby attractions like Kempty Falls, taxis can also be hired. Another option for local sightseeing is GMVN — a government-operated 2X2 seater vehicle.

Q: Where to shop in Mussoorie?

A: The best shopping places in Mussoorie include Tibetan Market and Library Bazaar on

Mall Road, Landour Bazaar and Kulri Bazaar.

Q: Suggest some places to visit in Mussoorie for food lovers.

A: If you’re a foodie, you must visit popular restaurants and cafes in Mussoorie like Char Dukan( A tourist place located 4 km away from main musrssorie .)  Cafe by the Way, Emily’s, Kalsang, Little Llama Cafe, Chic Chocolate, Green Vegetarian restaurant , Aggarwal restaurant etc.

Q: How can I spend 2 days in Mussoorie?

A:  Mussoorie has many tourist attraction places, i have given 21 places with details above, In fact you can spend 7 days easily

Q: Is one day enough for Mussoorie?

A: No, Mussoorie is very beautiful place and has many tourist attraction places, i have given 21 places with details above, In fact you can spend 7 days easily

Q: Which is the best time to visit Mussoorie?
A : The best time to visit Mussoorie is during summers, as it offers an excellent respite from the scorching summer heat. April-June: The months of April, May and June witness the peak season owing to the pleasant climate while those looking forward to see snowfall should visit Mussoorie during winters.

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