5 Things You Shouldn't Do And Why ?

1. enjoying the evil of another

if someone is speaking badly for someone, then you should not take interest in that and you should  not enjoy. If you show interest in it, then you also attract negativity towards you anyhow . 

2. Compare your's inside with another's outside

Real cause of many sorrows is not our own sorrows, but the happiness of others. Everyone has a some or other problem in his life when we compare his smile with our sorrows, it is totally wrong..

3. To depend on others for some work

This will increase your confidence , such people who are self-sufficient in doing small tasks, they overcome big challenges in the future, So try not to depend on anyone's else

4. Don't Regret for what has been passed

Don’t regret again and again for , what has been passed , Learn what you can learn from that incident and look ahead.  

People who cry & cry repeatedly in front of others,  instead of showing sympathy, people start cutting off from them.  Don't get stuck in the past, prepare yourself for the future.

5. Don't Focus on what  you don't want

The things  we focus on  grow amazingly throughout the universe. So focus on what you want to see happen, talk about it and not the things you don't want.