7 Habits of Happy People How To Be Happy

By | November 11, 2021

7 Habits of Happy People How To Be Happy In english





7 Habits of Happy People
Friends, it is the natural nature of human beings to be happy. Why is a small child often happy? Why do we say that childhood days are the best days of life? Because God has made our nature only HAPPY; But as we grow up, our environment, our society, our thoughts start dissolving impurity in us….and gradually the level of impurity increases so much that the natural state of happiness starts turning into the natural state of sadness. . And some people are always sad, without any reason, they find some excuse to be sad.
But this does not happen with everyone, there are many people in the world who are able to maintain their natural habit of being happy and remain happy for life.

खुश रहने वाले लोगों की 7 आदतें
In the life of such a person, like others, sorrow and happiness keep coming and going in their life, but generally such people do not get into small worries and are often smiling and happy.
So the question arises that when these few people can be happy then why not everyone else? After all, what are their habits that keep them happy even in the midst of the tension around the world? So let’s know which are the 7 habits of such happy people. Which causes them to be happy always, which might help you to be happy too. So let’s know about those seven habits.
7 Habits of Happy People In English / How To Be Happy In english
Habit 1: Happy people see good everywhere. Not Evil (Be Positive)
Human beings have a natural tendency to catch negativity quickly. Psychologists call this tendency “Negative bias”. Most people quickly see what is lacking in others and do not pay much attention to the good, but those who are happy find good in everything, in every situation, they believe that whatever happens is good. . It is very easy to see the good in any person, you just have to ask yourself a question that, “Why is this person good?”, and believe that your brain will count you many such experiences and things that you can see the good in that person. Will be visible
One more thing, you not only have to find the good in people, but you have to be positive in every situation and see what is good in it. For example, if you are not selected in a job interview, then you should think that perhaps Bhagwan has kept a better job for you than that which you will get sooner or later, and you can also ask an experienced person, that too you That’s what it will tell.

जीवन का आनंद लेना ही आर्ट ऑफ लिविंग है: श्री रविशंकर

How to be always happy

Habit 2: The one who forgives is always the greatest. Forgive too and ask for forgiveness if needed
Everyone has their own ego, which can be hurt by others knowingly or unknowingly. But those who are happy do not take small things to heart, they know how to forgive, not only others but also themselves.
And on the contrary, if any mistake is made by such people, then they do not hesitate to apologize. They know that useless ego will make their life complex, so they never skimp on saying “Sorry”. Whenever I make a mistake, I never try to justify it and accept it and apologize.
Forgiving and apologizing lightens your mind, saves you from unnecessary confusion and disturbing thoughts, and as a result you remain happy.


असली ख़ुशी

Habit 3: People who are happy develop a strong support system around them:
This support system rests on two pillars Family and Friends( F&F). F&F has a big contribution to be happy in life. Even if you have all the wealth, fame, but if you do not have F&F then you will not be able to be happy for long.
It might seem like a very simple thing to you, it may seem that you also have very good friends and very loving family, but think about it a little seriously. How many friends do you have, whom you can call without any hesitation even at 3 o’clock in the night to pick up or take financial help anytime?
Family and friends should never be taken for granted, to build a strong relationship, you have to look above your own interests, care for others, and genuinely like them. Improve your relationships as much as possible, small things like wishing a birthday, congratulating, genuine appreciation, meeting smiling, warm handshake, hugging make your relationship stronger. And when you do this, you also get the same in return and makes your life happy.
Habit 4: Those who are happy put their mind in what they do or do the work of their mind:
If you do the work of your interest, then it will definitely increase your Happiness Quotient, but most people are not so lucky, they have to engage in a job or business that is not according to their interest. But the people who are happy work in the work they do, even if they always try to do or get their favorite work.
I have heard many times people doing evil to their business or the company where they work, have heard their work as the most useless work in the world, doing so will make your life even more di

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