7 Best Ways to Boost Employees Motivation

The best leaders understand that they play a critical role in their employees’ motivation. Here are 7 of the most important things you can do to keep your people happy and productive:

 Give people room to express themselves and voice their opinions without fear of judgment or criticism. When people feel understood and appreciated they’re ready to participate

1. Create a psychologically safe culture.

A culture that’s governed by organizational politics is disempowering and demotivating. The influence of political game-playing is so damaging to employee motivation and morale

2. Minimize politics

The right way. Leaders who truly understand motivation maintain a focus on recognizing and rewarding hard work, effort, commitment, tenacity, imagination and risk-taking

3. Recognize and reward people

Being rewarded for helping to meet organizational goals boosts people’s feelings of competence and engagement. It plays a vital role

4. Competence and engagement

One of the best ways for people to find motivation is by putting their energy into something purposeful and meaningful.

5. Create meaningful and purposeful goals.  

When employees have a sense of purpose at work, they feel passionate, committed and ready to come up with innovative solutions.

6. Sensible work assignment

Make sure that the goals you set for your team, individually and collectively, are clearly tied to your organization’s central mission and purpose.

7. Clear and Defined Goals

In brief, the most effective way to boost employee motivation is to pay attention and understand the people you’re leading,making them feel Safe,Secure,Recognized and part of a meaningful undertaking.

Lead from within: Be the kind of leader who knows how to boost their employees’ motivation, happiness, productivity and effectiveness.