8 Ways to Prevent Negative Experiences from Getting You Down

When I feel critical of someone, or I'm blaming someone, I remind myself of this truth: the external world is a reflection of my inner world,

1: Remember It’s All About You

It’s important to recognize and accept, not deny and suppress, whatever difficult emotion or depressed state we’re encountering. It’s an acquired habit to welcome negativity

2: Practice Self-Acceptance 

I have a solid network of friends and acquaintances from support groups, and know I can always pick up the phone to call someone.  that offer great emotional support.

3: Reach Out to Others

Yoga relaxes and rejuvenates. Some yoga poses are natural selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which organically simulate antidepressants

4: Try Practicing Yoga Regularly

You can find popular affirmations online or write your own to remind yourself of the things habitual negativity tries to make you forget. Important is they feel true to you.

5: Use Positive Affirmations

Learning about the science of trauma helps us to observe our own mind without added shame or guilt. It allows us to help visually identify where in the brain our programmed.

6: Observe Your Mind

Service awakens empathy and empathy promotes emotional well‑being.  Service is the key to happiness, and I need to hear my message of self-love as much as my students do.

7: Serve, Teach and Share

When I feel down, it’s tempting to let go of self-care,Practicing yoga, taking a bath or taking a walk are all important forms of self-care that help put the mind in a better place

8: Maintain Self-Care