Your grades in college, your first job and your first salary package don't define your life.


With whom  you want to spend your life  and why is one of the biggest decisions of your life.


Do not go to college in search of good job, title company, function, role salary

go to college in search of yourself "What work am I better at, what makes me the happiest"


Your decision at the age of 20, will force you to feel either right or wrong at the age of 40


Don't feel guilty about taking them out of your life. 

If your friends hold you back, and your rapid growth makes you feel bad, leave them alone.


At this age no one expects you to be rich, so don't pretend that you are very rich.

Avoid debt and  invest what you have. 


At this age everyone judges you ,your dress, your personality, attitude

They do so, as they feeel insecure, it has nothing to do with you 


You are not the only confused           person

You are not the only one who struggles 

You are not the only one who is unsure


You are not stupid and incompetent

don't be hard on yourself

everyone is struggling Everyone is trying.


When you are developing your skills, the most important thing is to build your image.


When you are saying "I have 5 year experience ". you must answer yourself  "Whether i am having 1 year experience 5 times 


When you're tempted to follow someone else's path. 

Is this my own defination of succes or it's their success defination

Ask yourself


Work for learning, not for salary

Work to face the fear, not for rest

Work for progress, not for courage