Try to speak only when it is required, speaking uselessly , and when it is not required , then people will not take you seriously, even when you are talking seriously 

1. Speak Less

Sometimes it is nice , not to  be nice at times. don't always try to say 'Yes' even when it is not sensible or possible for you . Boldly say 'NO'. to avoid many problems

2. Learn to say  'NO'

Don't be in hurry to reply , take your own time , think properly before you answer , it is said don't promise , when you are happy , don't decide , when you are angry.

3. Don't Reply Fast

Focus is how someone pays attention or concentrates  When someone is focused, their attention is centered on a focal point & geared toward completing their main goal or objective.

5.Focus On Work

Avoiding conflict should always be the main priority during tense situations since work-related conflicts can be difficult to navigate even for the best communicators

6. Avoid Argument

Knowledge is the key to success, when you are knowledgeable , then no one can take you for granted, and can't make you fool, In every sphere of life ,be its job or business, upgrading knowledge is must 

7. Increase Your Knowledge

Try to generate multiple sources of income, rich people always try to make many streams of money , and don't depend on one source of income.

Books are your Best friends, Life is not so long that you could learn everything from your own experiences.  Learn from others experiences, books are experience of others. 

9. Learn From Books

Wear sensible and decent cloths , and wear dress as per the occasion . its not wise to wear fancy cloths at office meeting . and formal dress at weekend party. choose wisely

10.Wear Decent & Clean Clothes

it is not necessary to react always on every occasion , some times it is nice not to react at times. some times silence says more than spoken words. don't show others ,you are panic

Get used to listening, people always like a person who listens carefully ,  No one is interested to listen your words. speak only when it requires. and manage your words

12. Talk Less Listen More

Speaking wrong about someone is like a hole in your boat, which will drown you someday, so think 10 times before speaking bad about someone.

13. Don't Say bad Things About Anyone

Act smartly and timely , Action taken on time is worth and useful. take decision and act upon, if you loose opportunity , then you may not get a second chance. 

14.  Do Not Think Much

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