Dry Fruits

And Their Health Benefits

Dry Fruits Benefits

When it comes to dry fruits. So things like cashews, almonds, raisins, pistachios come in it. Dry fruits not only supply us with essential vitamins and minerals. Rather, it also makes our bones and muscles strong.

Dry Fruit can be eaten anywhere

Vitamins and minerals present in dry fruits also help our body to fight against many diseases. You can eat them anytime, anywhere, know about these dry fruits and the calories present in them.


This simple dry fruit is a treasure trove for your health. Walnuts are considered very beneficial for women as well as men.

Grams Calorie 100         654



Almonds are essential for a sharp mind. And it is very beneficial for children and the elderly. You can also eat after soaking almonds and roasting them again. By eating soaked almonds, its nutritious elements are doubled.


Grams Calorie 100         576



Everyone's favorite and the white colored cashew used in every dish is considered very beneficial for our body. It is a perfect dry fruit.

Grams Calorie 100         553



This small green colored dry fruit is full of very nutritious properties. you can consume this Dry fruit in many ways.

Grams Calorie 100         562

Flax Seed 

Flax seeds are also considered very beneficial for our heart health.

Grams   Calorie  Protein 100         535       18  ग्राम   

Grams Calorie Protein 100         567       25  ग्राम   


A small looking peanut is of great use. That's why groundnut is also called poor's almond. Peanuts are rich in protein.

You can eat dry fruits at all times of the day, whether it is breakfast or as an evening snack. Taking dry fruits with hot milk at night is also considered very good. Dry fruits help in maintaining your health for a long time.