Buy Chocolates Online From Homemade Side Business Run By Mother

By | December 29, 2021

Buy Chocolates Online From Homemade Side Business Run By Mother

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Hiral seth junagadh home made chocolate business

Hiral Seth Junagadh home made chocolate business

Hiral Seth from Junagadh, Gujarat, Hiral Seth is a teacher by profession, but when the lockdown came, she also started her own homemade sugar free chocolate business.

Buy Chocolates Online From Homemade Side Business Run By Mother

In the time of Corona, we were all yearning to eat our favorite things. Where some people were craving to eat Tikki, Samosa, or other snack items. Or many people were waiting to enjoy pani-puri on the side of the road, while the children were craving chocolate donuts or biscuits, brownies etc.

But what could you do, could not go out. Neither was anything available, if necessary household items could be found, then this was enough. In such a situation, in most of the houses, efforts were being made to make the children happy by making something at home.

Buy Chocolates Online From Homemade Side Business Run By Mother

Everyone tried something new at home, learned to make new recipes. In such a situation, in some houses, an attempt was made to make things like chocolates, cakes at home for the children, many women started bakery business at home at the time of lockdown.

Similarly, today we are telling you the story of one such woman entrepreneur from Junagadh city of Gujarat, who started homemade chocolate business in Corona period. that time no one thought that it will become home made online chocolate business  and now you can Buy Chocolates Online From Homemade Side Business Run By Mother .

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Hiral Seth, from Junagadh city, is a school teacher. The time of Corona came and there was a lockdown in the whole country, then some food and drink could not be found anywhere outside on time. But children are children, Hiral’s son caught the stubbornness of eating chocolate,

Yes, she was an expert, she also had the grief of making chocolates, sometimes due to family responsibilities, sometimes due to school job, this hobby was suppressed. But due to the lockdown, at that time, Hiral had given a new dimension to her hobby by making everything from chocolates to donuts at home for her son. Gradually, when the talk reached his friends and relatives, the chocolates made on his demand started reaching him too.

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Hiral was already fond of making chocolates. But last year in Corona time, he got time to pursue his hobby and at that time instead of outside things, to feed home made things for his son, also learned many new recipes from youtube etc.

Hiral Seth Junagadh home made chocolate business

Hiral Seth Junagadh home made chocolate business



Business Started By Hobby

Hiral has done MA, B.Ed. has been done. Attending school is her job, but she is also very fond of cooking. Her school collegues also praised the things she made, but when she started making new things for her son, she did not even think that one day she would start this business,

today she is making chocolates, donuts etc. Many flavors are prepared with complete expertness.   and now you can Buy Homemade Chocolates started as  Homemade Side Business By Hiral seth .

All these dishes made by him were well-liked by friends and relatives, they started getting a lot of appreciation for it. And some people even requested on the phone, that he should make chocolates or donuts for them too, for which he is ready to pay, because till that time it was not  her business.


In this way, he did not spend any money on advertising his business. Just whoever buys chocolate from them once, because of the purity and quality of their goods, the one who used to take anything from them once, definitely comes a second time. At the same time, he tells his friends and relatives that the demand for his chocolates is increasing continuously as well as his popularity and business is increasing continuously.

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Heeral named this startup ‘Heero’s Homemade Chocolate’, under which it makes chocolates of new shapes and flavors. She also makes chocolates according to the demand of her customers according to the festival (like christmas, birthday etc) and other programs.

She specializes in designing cartoon shaped chocolates for kids birthday, heart design for anniversary, apart from customizing the taste and preferences of the customer.

This time, during Ganesh Chaturthi, he made modak shaped chocolates, which was very much liked by the people.

Hiral Seth Junagadh home made chocolate business





She also prepares chocolate hampers on the occasion of gift giving festivals etc. People like these Home Made Chocolate Boxes given as gifts to friends and relatives on Diwali.


Heeral, made a special package of chocolates in the shape of different firecrackers, like pomegranate and rocket on Diwali, which became very popular among the children, got a lot of demand. Its design, packing was so cute and attractive that no one could live without buying it.

She tries to keep all her products sugar free, due to which the popularity of her products is high, because nowadays people avoid eating more sugar.

Now they have started getting orders from Junagadh as well as cities like Surat, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Ankleshwar, Mumbai. Heeral makes new fresh products as per the order and sends them through courier


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Makes chocolates from morning till evening

Last year on Rakshabandhan, he got orders for 200 to 300 boxes. Which he got through his cousin. This was the first ever large order. For such large orders, he had to get packing boxes and other chocolate making items from Mumbai.


Because all the goods are not available in Junagadh, right now Heeral is handling all the work from making chocolates to best packing.


At the time of any festival season, she is busy throughout the day. Now during the festive season, Heeral gets orders of 700 to 1000 boxes a day.


Whereas even in the off season, that is, in summer, they get orders for 15 to 20 boxes from work. They get maximum orders from Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Surat, Vapi and Mumbai.

HIRAL SETH, Buy Chocolates Online From Homemade Side Business Run By Mother


Chocolates of more than 25 flavors

Heeral makes chocolates in about 25 flavors including chocolate, donuts and fudge, constantly adding new flavours. In which people like the flavors like mango, pineapple, butter scotch more. Its taste is quite different from the chocolate in the market, because Heeral does not compromise on the quality, prepares the fresh goods even after the order arrives, they do not have anything pre-made so the customer gets the fresh product . If order from local Junagadh, then it delivers the product within a day.

But when the order is from outside, they take two to three days to ship the order.

The cost of a box of their chocolates starts from Rs.150. Chocolates are available in 6, 9, 16, 25 flavors in a box of chocolates, one can enjoy 16 different flavors if one buys a big chocolate box.

Home made online chocolate side  business

Their Diwali Special Chocolate Box is really special. For special occasions or to promote special festival gift hampers, she takes the help of social media,

In which she uploads videos and photos. Through this they also get orders.

Heeral now takes orders only through WhatsApp and phone numbers but starts preparing orders only after getting the payment.

In the coming time, she wants to take her business on a very large scale. If you also want to order something from Heeral.

You can contact her on  9925537608 or on her Facebook

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