3 Tips To  Achieve Any Goal 

1. Define your Goal in one Line

I want to be a succesful man, it very generic proverb YOU MUST CLEARLY DEFINE        I WANT TO BECOME AN IAS OFFICER, OR  I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR,  OR  I WANT TO BE an IITian

Make Goal Big!  how big ?  As big as you can imagine and can accept that it is possible, and then  put all your strength, to achieve that goal!

2. Do Focused Hard Work You Start 

Most of the people  are unsuccessful,  not because of  their incompetency,  but loosing focus  on their target, for a long time

you may get many distractions in life, No matter how  lucrative they are,  or you may Name , Fame is , but leave all and focus on Target

3. Last But Not the Least , keep up the spirit

So be excited about your goal .. seems unpractical, yes circumstances can lower your energy level & your morals…

that’s ok… it happens to everyone. All you need is to get the same enthusiasm back again…