15 year old child learned to make LED light in lockdown, gave employment to four people

By | December 19, 2021

15 year old child learned to make LED light in lockdown, gave employment to four people

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Amar Prajapati 15 Year LED bulb business

15 year old child learned to make LED light business in lockdown

jeevan prakash industries pvt ltd


Amar Prajapati, a 15-year-old resident of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, not only gave helplessness to the laborers trapped away from home during the corona epidemic, as well as started LED bulb business for his family.

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Inspiring story of 15-Year-Old Starts LED Company To Provide Jobs To Villagers During Lockdown

Amar Prajapati, a 15-year-old boy  of Gorakhpur Started led Light Bulb Making Business. When due to corona lock down was put on,  many people fail to earn even daily food. Industrialists fired the workers from their jobs. All the laborers on whose strength and they earned lakhs or crores, they were thrown out of the milk like flies, as if they were not needed at all.

How difficult people’s lives had become during the corona pandemic. Thousands of laborers were stranded away from their homes and had no source of income. He had started walking towards home by foot. Because of which they were  facing a lot of difficulties.

In that epidemic era, a small 15-year-old boy started a startup, and was determined to help people. This is an inspiring story of a child named Amar Prajapati, who lives in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Currently , Amar is studying in class IX in a local private school. And last year to help people and also support his home, he started a start-up named ‘Jeevan Prakash Industries Pvt Ltd’, under which he started LED Bulb business.

He could’t see  the pain of the unemployed laborers.

When last year in view of the threat of corona epidemic, the lockdown was suddenly imposed by the Modi government in March. Because of this, thousands of people got stuck somewhere far away from their homes. And many laborers had no means of earning. That’s when he decided to start something to help the people.

15 year old boy led business amar prajapati


Amar is very fond of electronics since childhood.


Earlier also he used to do some experiments at home. That’s why he thought that why not do some work related to this. Only then he thought that right now the companies related to LED Bulb are doing a very well.

Why shouldn’t I start the same LED bulb business?

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Amar’s father also supported him

Amar’s father Shri Ramesh Prajapati inspired him a lot to start this business.

His father is a simple person who is a cashier in Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA).

Ramesh Prajapati thought that there must be some training before starting the work. So he sent Amar to a friend’s house for training in making LED bulbs, where he took only five days of training. Because Amar was already interested in electronics.

Then, with the help of the same friend, imported the raw material from Delhi and started his company ‘Jeevan Prakash Industries Pvt Ltd’ in September 2020.

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Now more than 15 types of bulbs are made in LED Bulb Business

Amar started the LED bulb business with 2 lakhs from his father’s hard earned money. But now they are making more than 15 types of bulbs. And selling cheaper than the market.

He says that LED bulb energy also consumes less. At the same time, it saves electricity and in the end benefits the environment.

15 year old boy led business amar prajapati


Start of LED Bulb Business

Amar had earlier started this LED bulb business from his home. But as the work started increasing, he rented a room near the house for this and kept on increasing the work.

What is special about his led bulb?

Amar makes from 7 watt bulbs to 20 watt tube lights. And they are also giving one year warranty on 7W and 9W bulbs. So that the trust of the people is big, whereas many other brands in the market give only 6 months warranty.

new innovations and experiments

Keeping in mind the need of the people, he has made such a 9 watt bulb, which runs on electricity as well as battery. The battery life of this bulb is four hours. Because electricity problem is common in villages.

Another new innovation was done in this sequence that a bulb has been made in which solar panel is installed and if there is no electricity, then it does not matter, you can charge it by keeping it in the sun.

The shape of this bulb is like a lantern. There are one to six lights in this solar lantern. Its battery life is 12 hours on a single light. Even if six lights are lit, it can be easily lit for at least three hours.

Amar is also giving six months warranty on this solar lantern and its wholesale price is Rs 210. At the same time, its price in the market is 230 to 250 rupees.

15 year old boy led business amar prajapati solar lantern








They also make decorative lights.

His company is also making such a decorative light which is completely water proof and shock proof. You can also light them in the  water for decoration and there is no fear of current in it.

This light is lit on DC current. The 20-metre  light skirt is made from a lead-coated bulb and is covered with another rubber coating for added protection.

Although water cannot go in it, but even if water goes into it, then there is no problem. They give one year guarantee on this skirt. If it malfunctions during this time, you can return it .

Apart from all this, Amar’s company also makes a bluetooth bulb, which also has a speaker and sensor. There is a multicolor led light in this bulb, in which five-six color lights keep on burning, which you can connect to your bluetooth and play songs from mobile.

15 year old boy led business amar prajapati bluetooth bulb



His company also manufactures 15 and 20 watt bulbs and tube lights. A table lamp of his company is about to come which will run on battery so that even if the light is not available , the education of the children is harmed. Whose battery backup will be at least 12 hours.

Their are making or producing  bulbs of great quality. So that at least the complaint comes from the customer.




They use strip led bulb to make the bulb, due to which there is more light as well as less electricity consumption. And try to make the design in such a way that instead of focusing on one place,

the light spreads as much as possible and does not prick the eyes.

How to do LED Bulb Business (Employment of 4 people also)

At this time people work in his company. In which one manager, two mechanics and one for  marketing. He sells his own made LED bulb in the local market to the local shopkeepers. He takes only 70 per cent of the money from the shopkeepers before and the rest after the bulb is sold.

Right now they have kept the  profit margin very low. Due to this, a good hold has been made in the market soon. For example, 9 watt AC-DC bulbs are available in the market for Rs 300-350, but you will get their bulb for Rs 270-275.

His company has so far made more than five lakh bulbs. And their market has extended beyond Gorakhpur to Lucknow, Mau, Azamgarh, Basti and Gonda.

The LED bulb business he started with only 2 lakh rupees, today 20 lakh rupees are engaged in that business.
So far, he has earned a profit of Rs 15 lakh.

Challenges in LED Bulb Business

He has kept his profit margin low and he takes 30 per cent money from the shopkeepers after the bulb is sold. so sometimes the shopkeepers take a long time to sell the bulbs and they give money only after the bulb is sold. Because of this, they have to face financial problems many times in running the LED bulb business. But he does not want to stop this LED bulb business in any way.

future planning

Amar wants to make this LED bulb business his career. His father Ramesh Prajapati says that “Amar has always been interested in electronics. Also, he always wants to help people. He got a chance to do something for the people at the time of corona pandemic.

15 year old boy led business amar prajapati

jeevan prakash industries pvt ltd


When this business started, people made fun of people, many people laughed.

But today everyone praises him. All credit goes to Amar. Because his hard work has set an example in front of the people.

At present, the director of the LED Bulb company is Amar’s mother. But as soon as Amar turns 18, then the entire responsibility of the company will be on his shoulders.

Amar is about to launch Sensor Bulb to promote this LED Bulb Business.

And he soon wants to start a website to sell the products online.

Parents often impose their dreams on their children. But this puts a lot of pressure on the children.But it has a bad effect on them. Therefore, every parent should understand their child’s interest and give them a chance to grow.

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