Body Polishing At Home: You can make the skin shiny at home with these home remedies

By | March 6, 2023

Body Polishing At Home: You can make the skin shiny at home with these home remedies.

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Be it any function or party, be it a wedding or a festival, the trend of getting Body Polishing done at home is increasing.

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That’s why girls like it more. Because it makes every part of the body glow. By the way, if you go to the beauty parlor, you can get the body polishing done, but if you do not want to go to the beauty parlor and get the body polishing done.
So you can do it yourself at home yes, you can do body polishing at home.


Wedding is a very important day in every girl’s life. Every girl wants to look special.

Bride goes to parlor to get glowing skin. Due to which his SKIN looks clean, soft and glowing.

In today’s time, attention is paid not only to the face, but to the whole body. Special care is taken that every part of the body should shine.

Body polishing is one such beauty treatment, which gives amazing glow to the entire skin.

By getting body polishing done, the body gets instant glow. It is in great demand in pre-bridal makeup these days.

Or you can say that it has become necessary because it improves the skin. And dead cells are removed as well as this beauty treatment is easy and safe,

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How is Body Polishing done?

For body polishing, the whole body is first scrubbed. , First SCRUB is applied thoroughly on the whole body with light hands, after drying for 15 to 20 minutes, it is slowly removed by rubbing with wet, light hands.
By doing this, the dead cells of the skin are removed, and skin tanning is also removed.

After this the body is thoroughly washed with a cleanser. Then a Glow Pack on top of that, which comes in many different scents or flavors. It DEPENDS ON THE CHOICE OF THE CUSTOMER. Whatever he likes, it is allowed to dry for some time, then after drying of this pack, it is also removed slowly with a wet cloth. In the last, full body massage is given for 10-15 minutes with any good massage oil and body shiner.


















Benefits Of Body Polishing
1. Body polishing removes dead skin cells. Along with this, tanning also goes away, due to which the skin becomes soft and shiny.
2. Massaging during this time gives relief to the body and the mind remains stress free.
3. Herbal body polishing removes skin blemishes and heals the skin.
4. The color of the skin of the whole body becomes uniform.
5. Your skin glows.

There are no side effects of body polishing. Therefore, as far as possible, only good cosmetics should be done or done.

Body Polishing At Home can also be done at home

If you want to avoid the expensive expenses of the parlor, then you can do Body Polishing at home at a low cost.
For this, you can prepare body polish at home. For this, first of all, mix two spoons of lukewarm almond oil or coconut oil with one small spoon of turmeric powder and massage it on your whole body. After this, for scrubbing, scrub the body by mixing fine rice flour or gram flour in this oil or without oil, while massaging the body with light hands.

The mixture of turmeric and almond or coconut oil is very healthy for the skin. Because turmeric has antibacterial properties and almond or coconut oil nourishes the skin and makes the skin shiny. , If you do not want to scrub with rice flour or gram flour, you can also use a scrubbing cream to remove dead skin cells completely.

Body Polish with Brown Sugar, Olive Oil and Oatmeal

Mix three spoons of brown sugar in two spoons of olive oil. Add one spoon of oatmeal in this mixture. Now slowly apply this mixture on the whole body and massage it. After massaging with light hands for 5 to 10 minutes, wash the body.

Jojoba Oil and Oatmeal Body Polish

Body polishing done using curd, milk, cream, rose water, oatmeal scrub and jojoba oil gives an enchanting effect.

Tea Tree Oil, Sea Salt Body Polish

Mix 5 tablespoons of honey and 10 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of fine salt. Add two spoons of aloe vera gel to this mixture. Apply this mixture on the body and wash it after 10 minutes, and you will get a fair and bright glow, your skin will become very soft and shiny.

In This Way , You can also do Body Polishing At Home , and can get Instant Glow

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