Enjoying life is the art of living: Sri Ravi Shankar

By | December 8, 2021

Enjoying life is the art of living: Sri Ravi Shankar


Enjoying life is the art of living: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar








The Art of Living course really teaches the art of living.
If you also want to join this course and you live in Saharanpur. Then you can contact Milan Bhaiya , Shalabh Bhaiya or Deepak  Bhaiya . Who have been organizing this course in Saharanpur for years. And are involved in this service project with a selfless spirit.

Sudarshan Kriya is also taught in the Art of Living course. Which is the most (miraculous) miraculous thing I’ve learned so far in life.

What is Sudarshan Kriya: ‘Su’ means ‘right’ and ‘Darshan’ means ‘vision or sight’. In this way it means that doing this kriya gives you the correct vision. Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful spontaneous rhythmic technique that brings the body, mind and emotions into harmony using specific natural breathing rhythms.

100 benefits of Sudarshan Kriya

samdoshah samagnishcha samdhatumalkriyah. Prasannatmendriyamana: Healthy Ityabhidhiyate. This technique provides a deep relaxation with a calm and focused mind, energized body, freeing from stress, fatigue and negative emotions like anger, frustration, depression. Sudarshan Kriya gives a special depth to life, reveals its secrets. It is a spiritual discovery, which gives us a glimpse of the infinite. Sudarshan Kriya is the unknown secret of health, happiness, peace and knowledge beyond life!


This is a yoga posture related to breathing, in which sometimes slowly and sometimes at a fast pace one has to breathe in and out. By doing this exercise regularly, you get complete control over your breath, due to which your immune system also improves and you stay away from many types of mental diseases. According to a research published by Harvard Medical School in the year 2009, Sudarshan Kriya is very effective in relieving anxiety and depression.

real pleasure

There is no risk in doing this and it maintains the right balance of mind and body. There are total 4 steps in Sudarshan Kriya. – Ujjayi Pranayama – Bhastrika Pranayama – Chanting of Om – Kriya Yoga Sudarshan Kiya With continuous practice, the mind starts living in the present and you start giving your hundred percent effort in all the works. The nature of the mind is the nature of the mind that it keeps on remembering the happy moments or sad moments that happened to it in the past or the mind goes into the future.


Thinking about the future, a person is either happy that his future is very good or becomes sad that his future is very bad and all bad is going to happen to him. You cannot do anything about the good and bad moments that have passed in the past and the future is not in your hands. You can only try to make the future better.

..Death by placing your head in the lap of God.

No peace of mind. sthtibhavati meata cha vyayamabhiratsya f This tendency of the mind to go into the past and future can be brought to the present by continuous practice of Sudarshan Kriya.


When a person’s mind is in the present, then he can put his hundred percent in each of his work and surely by making hundred percent effort, the result of any work will be good. When you give your hundred percent in any work, then you will not be bothered by its result because you know that you have put in hundred percent effort.




Before doing this, get yourself checked by the doctor once whether you are mentally and physically fit or not, then do it only after that. Those who are already suffering from any mental disease or pregnant women should not do this action.


Benefits of doing Sudarshan Kriya – By doing it, the health of the whole body of the person is better. This strengthens the immune system of the person’s body and increases the energy level of the body. All the organs of the person start working smoothly and the cholesterol level is reduced.

By regularizing it, the ability of the person to make decisions develops. The person’s mind remains calm, so that you can enjoy full sleep. This pranayama is very effective in driving away the stress and anxiety of the person. The person keeps the mind calm so that you can make the best use of it. One’s consciousness develops and you become more aware of the things around you. – Increases the confidence of the person.


Sudarshan Kriya is patented and its audio is not for sale, while you can get CDs of various pranayama, guided meditations and yoga asanas from any Art of Living store. This higher knowledge for the benefit of the society is attainable only by the Art of Living teacher who has received a rigorous and extensive training to teach Sudarshan Kriya. During the course the Art of Living teacher meets all the participants personally for any specific guidance and gives them appropriate advice.


Art Of Living Sudarshan Kriya is not available in mp3 format. Be sure to let your Art of Living teacher know about your health status when you register for the course (eg, pregnancy, high blood pressure, mental illness). The Art of Living teacher will give you specific instructions based on your health status.

Names and contact numbers of all the dignitaries associated with Art of Living in Saharanpur







Milan Bhaiya

contact :-9219637533






Shalabh Bhaiya

contact :-98976 28846






Deepak Bhaiya

contact :- 9219294560




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